Making It To the Lion City

Don’t be surprised if I re-directed you to this new site. I just wanted to start fresh.

It has been 7 days, 23 hours, and 40 minutes (as of writing) since I arrived here in Singapore. There was nothing much that I have done since I stepped on this foreign land. Most of the times, I lay in bed and sleep, if not send gazillions of resumes to would-be employers. It kinda sucks, I know. I have received phone calls, most of them speaking in Mandarin and ended up hanging up the phone. I also received emails saying that I didn’t qualify for the position for the sole reason that I am a foreigner and does not hold any relevant residence status, which I understand. About 50% of the population here in Singapore is composed of Filipinos. I was even able to talk to a local and he told me that he felt like he’s in the Philippines because a  lot of people here are  my countrymen.

That’s why I can’t blame the government for having a strict policy about getting a foreign talent to do their jobs. Still, I am hoping that one of these days, there will be an employer who would be kind enough to consider me for a position. I can dance, or sing, or even breathe fire if that is required for them to pay for my rent, or food – yes, food. Fingers are crossed.

Now, I am 2430.89 kilometers (yes, I Googled that) away from my hometown and I’m starting to feel homesick. My parents keep on asking me how I was, or how the job-hunting was doing. I wish I could tell them that it’s easier than shooting turkeys, or poaching bears (not that I’ve tried any of these though), but it isn’t. Life here is difficult if you just lie on your back and do nothing. It takes more than perseverance and determination to survive Singapura. I ask myself a whole lot of times, am I ready for the challenge? A week ago, I was sure. But now, I am starting to doubt. I wish my knees were strong enough – stronger than my spirit.

It’s still a week, but I’m getting a little impatient. I don’t want to disappoint my family if I had to go back home, with the thought that I just wasted about 50 grand. So here I am, staring outside the window from the 16th floor of the building, thinking if this is really the dream I’ve been chasing for so long. Is this what I really want? Am I happy?

Then again, I gave it quite a thought. So I wouldn’t give up without putting a fight. Singapore, please be good to me.

When I had done enough, I will leave the rest to Him.